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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Moment I Will Never Forget

A Moment I Will Never Forget

Here are the student responses (some wrote more than one):

• Max being pushed up the waterfall by the whole group.

• The all-female jazz band in Havana.

• Climbing up the waterfall, it was amazing and something that I never thought that I would do.

• Snorkeling in the coral reef was so cool and something that I’ve never done.

• I will never forget Hinrich chasing down the snake and grabbing it. As he was grabbing it, I was running out of the way. He had no fear.

• Being under the waterfall. The rain spraying and the water rushing. Also going up and down it was simply amazing.

• I will never forget snorkeling or being under the waterfall, but more importantly I will never forget the wonderful people I met or the people I got to help.

• I will never forget Max going down the waterfall, overcoming his fears and Kam saying “We got you buddy, if you go down, I’m going down, so we got you man!”

• Parque El Nicho was hand down one of the greatest days of my life. From the gorgeous views on the hike to the best meal of our trip during the rain and climbing the waterfall. It is a day I will never forget.

• I will never forget the friendships I built on this trip and all the laughter we shared. The entire trip has been an unforgettable experience, and every moment has been unforgettable.

• I will never forget all the wild experiences that happened. Going out in Havana and enjoying the culture with everyone is one of the most memorable moments I will look back on.

• I really enjoyed having no connection to the outside world. It made my experience even more special because I had no outer distractions. It was great to be so present within our little community/family that we formed. Our group was so amazing. I couldn’t have wished for it to be any different!

• Something I will never forget is the Cuban perspective of the Bay of Pigs. It was called a triumph instead of a victory. All U.S. acts were called cowardly. Also, Eric pointed out that we caused a mess on the Bay of Pigs, then we had a community service project of cleaning up part of the mess at the Bay of Pigs. It was very ironic.

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